Wine not?

This year I started my summer in January! I know it sounds funny but I went home to visit my family in Argentina and it was summer over there.  In my trip I decided to go to Mendoza, a different providence (state) in Argentina, which was a 12 hour drive from Buenos Aires.  It was a bumpy ride but we survived.

As you can see I went on this trip with Jota and we really wanted to tour around this beautiful place.  Mendoza is known as the winery state and Argentinian wine is very well known all over the world along with their famous steaks.  We could’t pass the offer from my uncle when he asked if we wanted to go wine tasting.

Jota and I are not very good “drinkers.” Actually Jota does not drink at all….I do, here and there and everywhere lol. Just kidding I am not a heavy drinker either but I do like wine and fruity cocktails every once in a while.

So this wine tasting was so cool! They introduced us to different types of wine and they educated us on how wine is made.  The taste and cost of wine depends on how the wine was fertilized. Now I was sipping more than listening so I don’t remember the exact details.  Any who if you ever get a chance to visit Mendoza make sure you check out the wine tours of Odyse and Dolium.  The tour costed about $18 per person and $35 if you wanted to eat lunch.