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Hey guys!

In case you did not know I started a Youtube channel… back in 2014. Yup! Long time ago.  I am so embarrassed because I only posted 3 makeup videos on a year basis.  My first video is so crapy (it is still up in my channel) I filmed it with the mini iPad that I got as a birthday gift. I remember having a difficult time filming with one hand and doing my makeup with the other… but I did it.

ANYWAYS, I started filming again and I am not sure if they are considered “Makeup Tutorials” but my intent is to show you how I create my makeup looks.  This is how I learned how to put on make up by watching other people do their’s!

I am debating if I should make the videos in Spanish or English.  For now my video’s show you how I create my makeup looks and I fast forward a LOT! I want to become comfortable with my camera and little by little break out of this shell I feel I am in.

I want to invite you to check out my channel you can click HERE! Let me know what you think 🙂 if you are entertained by my videos don’t forget to click the subscribe button! and if you enjoyed the videos give me a like!


Thanks so much for reading my blog post guys! Like always I will talk to you next Wednesday!!….xoxo