My Filming Gear

I snapped a couple of weeks ago my mini studio.  Of course it was a 10 second video showing the few equipment I use to help me record. Let me tell you I have all of this now but I started SLOW.

 I could have started back in 2011 because that is the year my mom bought me a DSLR Cannon t3i camera for my 21st birthday (She knows I love gadgets…got it from my dad).  However due to fear and procrastination I did not.  I kept buying equipment even though I was not recording because that was my excuse.  I thought I needed to have everything before starting to film and I hope you don’t make the same mistake.

I recorded my first video in 2014 when I got my mini iPad and used natural light. I did not use my DSLR Cannon camera because I did not have a tripod to hold it.  I used my mini iPad because it was easier to see myself as I was putting on makeup.  It was a disaster but it was a start.

I then decided I needed artificial light and bought the studio lights umbrellas.  I used this in my second and third video.  I was not satisfy so I ended up investing on my diva ring light which helped me for when I applied makeup on girls it was and is a life saver! Not only was this ring light helpful for my videos but it also helps me see my clients full faces without depending on poor light or yellow lights.

I then bought a tripod to help hold my DSLR camera for when I started filming again last year.  I lost that tripod and even though it was a great tripod I decided to purchase the gorilla pod which is a smaller tripod that is great for selfies and vlogging! I created my first vacation vlog using this tripod ( click here to watch).  It’s a much smaller tripod and easier to store.

 Now I use this gorilla tripod to hold my camera when recording makeup videos and the camera I am using is the Sony Alpha a5000 Mirrorless Digital Camera.  I love this camera! It is much better then my DSLR camera for filming since it has the auto detect face mode and is better in quality too.  The cool thing about this camera too is that the screen opens up (the cannon t3i did not have this option). So it folds up giving you the liberty of watching yourself as you do selfies or film yourself.  

I also have the soft light box studio lights (I told you I am a gadget nerd!) that I purchased with my amazon gifts cards I got last christmas thank you Santa ;)…. and lastly but not least I also purchased a microphone with a USB connector that connects to my iMac computer. I use the mic for voice overs, it is not the best mic but it does the job! To edit my videos I use Final Cut Pro editing system. 

I hope this video helps you in some way.  I really wished I would have started in 2011. By now I would be camera friendly which is what I am struggling with.  You can have all this gear but it will not help you if you don’t have enough experience in front of the camera.  So if you have been thinking of starting youtube go for it! Start with your phone or mini iPad which I know you have!!!

At the end we regret the things we did not do and not the things that we do.  Take care and as always I’ll see you next Wednesday xoxo

P.S All images are hyperlinked incase you are curious about prices 😉