My go-to foundations!

Hi loves! I want to share my favorite “go-to” foundations. If you are anything like me and your skin tans quickly than you are probably changing the shades of your foundations pretty often in the summer.

I used to do this a lot but I got to the point where I purchased so many different types of foundations that now I can point out my all time favorites.  They each serve a different purpose! For example when my skin is oily I put on a foundation that will keep my skin with a matte finish and if I have dry skin than I switch my foundation to a dewy finish.

Here are my Top-5!

Loréal  Paris “Infallible Pro-Matte” | This Foundation is oil-free and gives you a matte finish and the best part of it is that it’s a full coverage foundation!!! oh! and let’s not forget it’s a drugstore product.

Nars “Sheer Glow Foundation” | Here it goes… This foundation will make you look and feel rich.  It leaves you glowing but not in an oily type of way but more like a fresh skin finish way. The trick is to only apply this foundation with your fingers!

Make Up For Ever Professional Paris “Ultra HD Stick Foundation”| This is a cream foundation and it is oily based.  When I use this foundation I often apply it when I am going to contour my face and set it! What I love about this foundation is how great it blends in with my concealers and the dewy finish.

MAC Cosmetics “Studio Fix Fluid”| We go way back with this foundation. I believe this baby was my first high-end product.  This foundation is a full coverage foundation and I love wearing it because it has a beautiful finish and it does not melt . Oh! and did you know it has SPF 15, yeah this foundation is great if you will be in the sunny weather!

Urban Decay “All Nighter”| Wow this foundation is great it’s a full-coverage foundation and it’s water-proof!  I do have to say this is a thick foundation and I do not mean it in a bad way. Most of the time I don’t even have to wear a concealer with this baby.